The 7 Most Common Stripping Myths Completely Busted

Why do girls become strippers? Is it because they lack self-esteem? Do you they lack moral values? These are three of the questions asked by some random curious guy. The first question holds some water, but how much the second holds? What stripping has to do with self-esteem? Only mentally strong girls can strip. Money is one of the reasons. Some girls need money for school or college and some women need money for the shelter. 1 out of 3 strippers is school or college goer. Some dancers say that they just want to dance.

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Stripping Experience – What Does a Stripper Says About Her Business

Working only a few hours and making more than $500 a day, this is amazing. The majority of the money a stripper takes home comes from stage tips and lap dance. Money is good. But is there any negative effect of stripping on the relationship? What are the downsides and upsides of being an exotic dancer? Every business has some downsides and stripping is not an exception. You read right, stripping is just like a business. She is actually an independent contractor. Some nights, she gains and some nights, she loses. She sells lap dance, VIP topless and VIP nude dances in private areas isolated from rest of the club. It depends on how, what and to whom she sells.

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The Five Best Things about Being a Stripper

First of all, allow us to introduce Lizzy Oliver, an 86 years old exotic dancer. She has 24 grandchildren and seven children. Now come back to point. According to an article published two years ago, Maggie, a Spanish college student used to work for four nights a week and her annual earnings from stripping were $180,000. This was two years ago and she used to work for four nights a week. If you see the income of a full-time stripper you will be shocked, really shocked. Some girls claim that their income is $5000+ per night. Exact income status of strippers are rarely available. Still the money these girls make is enough to make you rethink about your profession (if you are not a guy). However, income depends on the efforts the girl is putting into while dancing and communication with clients. Strip club goers have a lot of money. They love to talk to a smart and pretty girl. They love to see her dance. Girls who are smart and pretty are likely to go home with a boatload of dollars. This is a good reason for young, beautiful and sexy girls to see stripping as their career, actually a promising career. This post lists the five best things about working as a stripper.

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What Is the Right Time to Join a Strip Club

Do you see stripping as your career? You are strong. You know that there are people who believe that strippers are sluts. Now, it is up to you whether you should care or not. If you care, then it will be better for you to choose some other path. And, if you don’t care, then you should begin to count yourself in one of the best strippers in the city. If you have set your mind, then you will love and enjoy your job. And, visitors of the club you are working in will love and enjoy your strip dance. Even if you have made your mind, still at least once, you ask yourself a question “Is it the right time to start?”. If you are caught in dreadful circumstances and you have no other alternative to get out this situation, you can appear for an audition to be a stripper before the age of 20. The owner will definitely love to have a girl of your age (here age <=18) in the club because visitors to the club will love you. Who will visit a club where ladies in their late 20s, 30s and 40s are stripping when there is a club in which a new girl of just over 18 is revealing her inner beauty?


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Explore Common Pole Dance Injuries and Their Symptoms

Tampa Area Strip Clubs Anticipate Increased Business During GOP Convention

When it gets dark, gentlemen working in corporate offices with their wallets in the back pocket of their pants enter in the nearest strip club. For men, a strip club is an ideal place where their libido runs free and their eyes are feasted on the beauty of girls exposing their nice curves. Even though a part of the society judges their character and morals, but for strippers, this is their job. The job they love and enjoy. This job not only earns the livelihood for them, but it also keeps them physical fit and healthy. The dance moves that hypnotize men are actually a great form of exercise. If you are a girl seeing striping as your career, then you have to be aware of the two aspects of this profession – dancing and stripping. Without learning a good number of great and seductive moves for lap and pole dance, you cannot even appear for an audition. In this post, let’s shed light on the first aspect, dancing, especially on injuries.

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Shape Your Career with Specialized Stripping Training

We all have seen a good number of celebrities wearing considerably fewer clothes for playing the role of a stripper in a movie. Femme fatale, I Know Who Killed Me, Exotica, Sin City, Cradle To Grave, Striptease, Planet Terror, Closer, We Are The Millers, Barb Wire and there are many more movies in which celebrities are flirting, teasing, seducing and stripping for making money. We have seen people raining dollars to buy a strip dance or a lap dance in a private area. At the end, we see them driving their own big car to their own big house.

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