The 7 Most Common Stripping Myths Completely Busted

Why do girls become strippers? Is it because they lack self-esteem? Do you they lack moral values? These are three of the questions asked by some random curious guy. The first question holds some water, but how much the second holds? What stripping has to do with self-esteem? Only mentally strong girls can strip. Money is one of the reasons. Some girls need money for school or college and some women need money for the shelter. 1 out of 3 strippers is school or college goer. Some dancers say that they just want to dance.

exotic girl1

And, it is wrong to say that they lack moral values. 10% of the strippers are married and have responsibilities. 13.5% of married strippers are parenting kids. One question was. What do they feel about stripping? 89.3% strippers call their work a legitimate work and only 8% see it as prostitution. 8 out 9 strippers say that they would recommend stripping to their friends. It is not difficult to find a stripper having career spanning 2 decades. Girls who want to be strippers can join an exotic education program to learn how to become a stripper. Some girls worry about relationships with family. More than 90% girls are close with their parents.

Erotic girl

There are several articles circulating over the web bringing negative viewpoint about stripping. Don’t get demotivated girls. Some of the myths about stripping are busted here:

  1. They are addicts: For a stripper, it is important to stay in control. So, every clever stripper says no to drugs. They are not stupid. Who want to get injured while showing spinning, inversions poses, floorwork, sliding and other advanced pole dance moves? Extended butterfly, Marely, hands-free Marley, knee hold, princesses and there many other moves that can be performed only when she has full control over her body and mind.
  2. Strippers are nymphomaniacs: This sounds like a joke.
  3. They have issues with dads: This myth is already busted in the second paragraph. Admittedly, there are a few, only a few strippers having daddy issues. Rest of the strippers has supportive relationships with their parents.
  4. They have suffered a sexual trauma: This myth is not that common but still it exists in some heads. 1 out every 6 Australian women is sexually abused at least once in life, stripper or not. Many women fall victim of sexual abuse. She can be in office, in school, college, or at anywhere. Sexual trauma has nothing to do with stripping. The majority of strippers are not sexual abused.
  5. It is easy money: Taking clothes off and looking convincingly attractive is not an easy job. Climb a pole and try basic inversion. You will realize how difficult it is. It requires skills to sell a pole or lap dance.
  6. They hate their job or this is the only option they have: This myth is busted in the second paragraph of the article. Many girls go to school, college or office during the day and spend a few hours in the club at night for stripping.

It’s all profit: Strippers pay to earn. They are not hired. A part of their income goes to the club.


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