Stripping Experience – What Does a Stripper Says About Her Business

Working only a few hours and making more than $500 a day, this is amazing. The majority of the money a stripper takes home comes from stage tips and lap dance. Money is good. But is there any negative effect of stripping on the relationship? What are the downsides and upsides of being an exotic dancer? Every business has some downsides and stripping is not an exception. You read right, stripping is just like a business. She is actually an independent contractor. Some nights, she gains and some nights, she loses. She sells lap dance, VIP topless and VIP nude dances in private areas isolated from rest of the club. It depends on how, what and to whom she sells.

exotic irl

There are many girls who want to become exotic dancers to fulfill their financial requirements. However, before setting their mind, these girls often want to know this business from inside out. They want to know what a stripper feels when lecherous eyes scan her body from the toe to head. Well, to know this, they have to walk in her shoes. To start and grow stripping as a business, they can join a stripper education workshop. And, to be acquainted with the personal experience of a stripper, they have to meet someone who has been in the business for years. Here is what a stripper has to say about her business:

  1. Men love to see a stripper, even when she is wearing no makeup. They just love what she does on the stage. They love it when she approaches them table to say something.
  2. Unfortunately, people believe that strip club goers are dirty debauchees and the truth is; most of the customers are fun to talk to.
  3. It is a business. Other strippers are competitors. Jealousy does exist in the clubs, but rivalries are hard to find. They share the workplace. If you treat others well, you will be treated well.
  4. Got attractive body and skills to allure men? They don’t know how old you are. There are many girls how started the business in their 30s. Some dancers are in their late 40s but still making good money.
  5. Strippers are cute and men want to see them naked. However, girls are not allowed to seal some other deal as it can be constructed as prostitution. A man can pick her out when she is out on the town.
  6. Strippers do use deodorants, body sprays and wear makeup. They do it real fast.
  7. Most of the customers treat and mean well. However, the scarcity of proper strip club etiquettes can be still seen in some customers.
  8. Rules are listed on the door. A stripper is not a prostitute. The customer cannot touch her somewhere she does not like to be touched and if the customer does, there are consequences. However, there is a tiny minority of customers having this misconception.

Some strippers are in their late 40s and still doing great. Pole dance is the secret. It is a great workout.


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