The 7 Most Common Stripping Myths Completely Busted

Why do girls become strippers? Is it because they lack self-esteem? Do you they lack moral values? These are three of the questions asked by some random curious guy. The first question holds some water, but how much the second holds? What stripping has to do with self-esteem? Only mentally strong girls can strip. Money is one of the reasons. Some girls need money for school or college and some women need money for the shelter. 1 out of 3 strippers is school or college goer. Some dancers say that they just want to dance.

exotic girl1

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Stripping Experience – What Does a Stripper Says About Her Business

Working only a few hours and making more than $500 a day, this is amazing. The majority of the money a stripper takes home comes from stage tips and lap dance. Money is good. But is there any negative effect of stripping on the relationship? What are the downsides and upsides of being an exotic dancer? Every business has some downsides and stripping is not an exception. You read right, stripping is just like a business. She is actually an independent contractor. Some nights, she gains and some nights, she loses. She sells lap dance, VIP topless and VIP nude dances in private areas isolated from rest of the club. It depends on how, what and to whom she sells.

exotic irl

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