The Five Best Things about Being a Stripper

First of all, allow us to introduce Lizzy Oliver, an 86 years old exotic dancer. She has 24 grandchildren and seven children. Now come back to point. According to an article published two years ago, Maggie, a Spanish college student used to work for four nights a week and her annual earnings from stripping were $180,000. This was two years ago and she used to work for four nights a week. If you see the income of a full-time stripper you will be shocked, really shocked. Some girls claim that their income is $5000+ per night. Exact income status of strippers are rarely available. Still the money these girls make is enough to make you rethink about your profession (if you are not a guy). However, income depends on the efforts the girl is putting into while dancing and communication with clients. Strip club goers have a lot of money. They love to talk to a smart and pretty girl. They love to see her dance. Girls who are smart and pretty are likely to go home with a boatload of dollars. This is a good reason for young, beautiful and sexy girls to see stripping as their career, actually a promising career. This post lists the five best things about working as a stripper.

Sexy girl dancing in bikini

  • Here comes the money: Is there any other job that can make $1000 for you just in one night? Do you remember girls who claim to make $5000 per night? They do not make that much money on every occasion. Still $1000 thousand is pretty common. Many girls also do a regular 9-5 job and go to the club when it gets dark.
  • Strippers make their own schedule: Stripping is not a boring 9-5 job. You have the freedom of taking a long break. It is up to you for how many days of a week you want to work. You are not going to write a mail to your senior and request for the approval when you need a break. So, if you are a college student and need to take off for a month for exam preparation, you have freedom to do that.
  • It’s a great workout session: A stripper can feel sorry for other girls who pay to stay fit and in shape. She dances for several hours a night and her heart rate is elevated. This is definitely a great cardio session. And, she makes money during her workout.
  • She shows off her nice curves: Her personality is not narcissistic. She is really beautiful and when someone admires her curves, it boosts her self-confidence. She works hard to keep her body in shape, so there is nothing wrong in showing off.
  • She is a diplomat: A stripper spends a lot of time on and off the stage. The off-stage time is to mingle with clients. She meets people having different personalities. As she is comfortable in talking to strangers, she can start a conversation with anybody and about any subject.

There are many girls who want to learn how to become a stripper. Before the time makes them realize, they should know that challenges are in every profession. Same goes for stripping. Therefore, before appearing for an audition, the girl should join a specialized workshop to learn stripping.


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