Learn How to Become an Exotic Dancer

Want to be an exotic dancer? It is the money which attracts young girls towards this industry. These girls have seen many exotic dancers making thousands of dollars a night. No man visits a strip club with empty pockets. Most of the money they are having in their pockets is for girls dancing on the floor. The money is for buying a strip dance or a lap dance. Men also love to give tips to girls showing their attractive curves and sexy dance moves.

If the money in strip club attracts you and you want to know how to become an exotic dancer then following tips will help you a lot:


  1. Clothes of an exotic dancer are to be taken off. However, still clothes matter a lot. Flirty and exotic clothing is expensive but have a positive effect on your income.
  2. Sexy and simple heels having small sparkling embellishments draw the attention of men towards your feet and legs. However, always avoid classic chunky shoes.
  3. You cannot directly ask questions like- Are you married? What do you do? Do you want to dance? Will you buy me a drink? Start with a lightweight and flirty conversation. Ask questions like- How are you? Are you enjoying?
  4. In most of the clubs, dancers have to pay for dancing. In an exotic club, you will get what you make. Therefore, when you get an opportunity, do not let it slip and always create more opportunities.
  5. You are not the only girl there in the club. There are many other girls flirting with men for making money. Ignore them and do your job.
  6. Make your own clientèle if you can.
  7. Always stay away from drugs. Drugs are never good for your business. It may cost you your job.

To learn how to become an exotic dancer, you can join the virtual workshop of Exotic Education. There you can get professional help for marketing and business planning.

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