Top 9 Tips for Stripping Club Visitors

Being one of the most profitable industries in the world, the adult industry always attracts young girls. All girls have the same dream of making handsome money in the brief span of time. Just as this industry attracts young girls, it also attracts men of all ages. From college going boys to aged businessmen, all those who are looking for an escape from their boring and busy life often visit a strip club to relax, and get indulged in adult entertainment. However, the first-time goers do not know how to talk to a strip dancer and ask her to give you a lap dance.


Here are some useful Tips For Stripping Club customers:

  1. Once you are in a strip club, buy some drinks and dances.
  2. If you are interested in spending some time with a girl, start with offering her a cocktail.
  3. Be polite and choose your words carefully if you are interested in a lap dance.
  4. Tip at least one dollar per song or per girl.
  5. More you pay more you are served.
  6. All strip clubs have some rules. Therefore, learn and follow those rules.
  7. Never ask for her phone number.
  8. Almost all dancers have their stage name and they are never interested in telling you their real names. Therefore, never ask for their actual names.
  9. Dress properly, take a shower and buy some chewing gum for pleasant breathing.

These are the tips for men visiting a strip club. Girls who are looking for their first break can visit Exotic Education to find an ultimate strip dance guide.


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