How to Become a Successful Exotic Dancer

Want to make your way to the top strip club in your city? You have gorgeous looks which can steal the heart of a man just in a jiffy. You have an incredible figure and the most beautiful smile which is admired by all. However, this is not everything you need to be a successful exotic dancer. Many times, gorgeous exotic dancers have to go home without making a single penny. And, sometimes a girl with average looks and body makes more than thousand dollars a night. There are many exotic dancers making income in five figures per night.

Therefore, this industry has always attracted many young girls dreaming of using their attractive curves to dance in the rain of dollars. If you are one of those, you need to have artistry of a successful exotic dancer. Communication, listening, and all around entertainment skills are the skills you must have in your skill set.

If you want to know how to become an exotic dancer, keep on reading:

1. Stay fit. You need to be in shape. Slim and toned body, this is what strip club owners and visitors look for in an exotic dancer. Moreover, make yourself comfortable with at least 4-inch heels. Also, purchase some thongs or g-strings.

How To Become an Exotic Dancer

2. Most of the popular strip clubs hold auditions to select new girls. Look for clubs in and around your town looking for new exotic dancers.

3. Select a unique and lovely stage name which best fits your personality.

4. There is a lot you can learn from other exotic dancers of the club you are working for. Use the gained knowledge in your own style. Just learn, do not copy.

5. Be mentally prepared. In initially days, exotic dance was never accepted by the society. Strip clubs at that time were visited by men belonging to the lower class of the society. However, strip clubs these are days are visited by men of upper class. But you may encounter someone in the society still having mentality of that time.

6. Start a website of your own. If you have a fan following, you can keep your admirers updated about your next show.

There are many online resources like Exotic Education providing helpful tips to beginner exotic dancers. Just visit their website and live your dream.


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