Top Tips for Stripping Club Visitors – Etiquette Guidelines

Numerous strip clubs have opened these days to let people enjoy lap dance and other activities by some of the hottest chicks around. But there are a lot of things that every strip club visitor must be aware of. Here are a few etiquette guidelines and some top tips for stripping club visitors must know to avoid making any type of mistakes at the premises.

Pole dancers

  • Remember, entertainers work to get tips and are required to pay to work, which is also called House Fee. So, to let them perform better, tip them generously and make them spend more time with you
  • You must tip at least a dollar to every dancer on the stage
  • Know the limits that you need to maintain in the premises. Remember, every strip club has different guidelines to follow
  • Do not take your girlfriend along to the strip club if she is not interested. There are numerous guys who make such mistakes which is not worth at all
  • Keep in mind, strippers are not private escorts, so do not ask for their contact numbers
  • Some clubs maintain strict “NO TOUCHING” policy. Beware! Bouncers are always ready to throw you out
  • Never ask for the real names of pole dancers if you want them to prefer you
  • Looking for the best seat in the house? You can consider tipping off the VIP host and get the best treatment guaranteed
  • If your girlfriend is also there, she cannot take the leverage of being the same sex and touch the lap dancer. It’s strictly prohibited
  • Dress sensibly! Do not wear scratchy accessories or clothing

The aforementioned tips for stripping club visit would assure pure enjoyment!


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